The Place

Castle-like in size and appearance with monk-like solitude and all the comforts an abundance of friendly staff provides. One of the many enjoyable features is a 100-foot swimming pool which hugs the front of the entire house. You can step into it from your groundfloor bedroom, or come down from the tower for a swim.

An eco-friendly, health-oriented diet is provided with a world-class chef and two modern cooks (serving a variety of cuisines including local flavors, vegetarian options, California-style summer fare, Italian, low cholesterol, organic). In fact, we have 3-acres of gardens to pull from. Some of the best cooking in Kenya is done on site!

We are next door neighbor to Peponi Hotel, on the hilltop of Shela Village which is home to world heritage site the Mosque of Shela. And if you book a stay at our home, you will have a private beach at your disposal (perfect for jogging and swimming) and a variety of boats for recreation.