The Culture

In culture-rich Lamu, the Swahili Culture can be fully experienced. It may be cliché to say but this really is a place where time stops. You get here to the Honeymoon House by travelling to Nairobi and taking a connecting domestic flight to Lamu. The flight takes just a little over an hour.

There are no cars in Lamu but our dhows and speedboats make for easy day trips to neighboring islands. Opportunity for adventure or chilling out are nearly endless. Snorkeling at Kinikwa or Manda Toto, visits to Takwa Ruins, deep sea fishing, a Flying Safari to Amu Ranch, a walk up Shela Beach to Kipungani, a visit to Frank’s Beach Bar on Manda Island, or a visit to Shela Village for shopping, a yoga class or a massage.

The Honeymoon House is perfect jump off point for travel to safari camps. Arrangements for travel outside of Lamu and the surrounding areas can be made on site, and we have a Nairobi driver available for pickup/drop off at airport, hotels, etc.